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Where are the Best Places to Eat in Toulouse?

A Taula close up dishes

Where are the Best Places to Eat in Toulouse?

Renowned for its rich history and stunning brick architecture, Toulouse also happens to be one of France’s great foodie centers.

It might fly under the radar when it comes to known gastronomic places in France (when compared to Pais or Lyon, for instance) but Toulouse actually has an array of foods that are unique to the city and rank among the best cuisine to be found in the country.

If you are half as passionate about French cuisine as we are, you’ll want to ensure Toulouse is on any itinerary of a trip to France. 

Join us on an epicurean adventure as we share some of our favorite places to eat in Toulouse, from hidden gems and Michelin-starred restaurants to excellent street food and even many amazing vegetarian options. 

And if you’d like to delve even deeper into the city’s food scene, book a place on one of our Walking Food Tours of Toulouse

Two dinners plates and a glass of white wine

Casual Dining in Toulouse

Before we get started on casual dining, we want to say that we think this is an area that Toulouse excels in – it was really hard to pick only three favorites! 

We have an incredible amount of small, intimate restaurants serving what is called “cuisine de marché” – an ever-changing menu that reflects the seasonal offerings that can be found at the local markets or direct from regional farmers (many of these places are also very transparent about where they are sourcing from). 

We can’t tell you what our favorite dishes are because there’s always something different on offer. While the menu options may be limited (think two to three starters, four main dishes, and several desserts), our favorites consistently feature well-thought-out meat, fish, AND vegetarian options to accommodate diverse palates. 

The service is consistently hospitable, and the wine selection is superb. Typically, reservations can be made just a day or two in advance, and the dining experience provides excellent value for the cost.

Restaurant Le Place Mage

Restaurant Le Place Mage is located in the heart of Toulouse and offers an innovative culinary experience in a charming setting. With outdoor seating on the plaza, guests can enjoy people-watching as they savor high-quality, locally sourced dishes that change daily. 

Some of the standout menu items we’ve tasted include venison steak, root vegetable mille-feuille, and pan-seared cod. The well-curated wine list features local and international selections, and the knowledgeable staff readily provides recommendations. 

Even though Le Place Mage offers first-rate food and service, prices are always reasonable, starting at 36 euros per person for a three-course dinner.

Restaurant Le Place Mage is a Toulouse culinary gem offering a memorable dining experience at a reasonable cost.

If you’re passionate about wine, please consider joining us on our Wine Bar Tour of Toulouse

Le Place Mage, 2 Rue Tolosane, 31000 Toulouse


This cozy restaurant headed by a female chef focuses on fuss-free food built upon organic and locally sourced ingredients. Vegetarians will be happy to know that there will always be a vegetarian starter and main dish on the menu.

Much like Place Mage, the menu is affordable and changes weekly, making Franquette a good choice for repeat visits – and a top pick for those looking for a casual dining experience. Their location on the charming Place des Tiercerettes is another bonus during the warm months when terrace seating is a priority.

We very often find ourselves making a reservation after salivating over their weekly menus posted on Instagram.

Franquette, 31 Rue de la Chaîne, 31000 Toulouse

Le Contre-Pied

Le Contre-Pied is a restaurant where sharing and quality are at the heart of everything they do. The owners of Le Contre-Pied consistently bring their passion and knowledge to their plates and service. They offer sincere, contemporary French cuisine based on products grown in the Toulouse region.

For dinner, we highly recommend their 5-course tasting menu – as well as the innovative wine pairings that go along with it – and we love that they make an effort to have vegetarian options, even for the tasting menu.

Le Contre-Pied, 6 Rue des Prêtres, 31000 Toulouse

Michel Sarran Restaurant plates close up

(Source: Michel Sarran)

Fine Dining in Toulouse


Py-r is the only restaurant in Toulouse that currently possesses two Michelin stars. It offers an innovative and playful tasting menu, with dishes that showcase the chef’s creativity and attention to detail. The dining room is clean, contemporary,  and intimate with impeccable service to match.

Py-r, 6 Rue des Prêtres, 31000 Toulouse

Michel Sarran

Michel Sarran is synonymous with fine dining in Toulouse. This Michelin-starred – and much renowned – restaurant is known for its refined and elegant cuisine, which combines classic French techniques with modern touches and highlights regional products.

The dining room is spacious and luxurious, and the sommelier can help you select the perfect wine to accompany your meal.

Michel Sarran, 21 Bd Armand Duportal

Jardins de l’Opera

Nestled in the heart of Toulouse’s Capitole district, Jardins de l’Opera is a serene oasis just off the bustling Place du Capitole. You can dine in the leafy interior courtyard or within a tastefully renovated space, complete with parquet flooring, wooden tables, and an inviting wine cellar. 

This restaurant serves as the culinary headquarters for renowned chef Stéphane Tournié, a Toulouse native with experience cooking at an array of award-winning restaurants. 

Tournié’s first-class skill is evident in his masterful dishes, such as truffle-infused soft-boiled hen’s egg or a mouthwatering combination of pressed sweetbread and roasted langoustine.

Jardins de l’Opera, 1 Pl. du Capitole, 31000 Toulouse

Chef cooking in kitchen

(Source: Les P’tits Fayots)

Romantic Dining in Toulouse

Au Pois Gourmand

Indulge in a remarkable gastronomic experience at this elegant restaurant, set within a stunning Colonial-style building with a terrace on the Garonne River.

Once the residence of a Toulousain artisan lace-maker, Au Pois Gourmand may be a short distance from the city center, but the tranquil and picturesque setting makes it well worth the visit. 

The seasonal culinary creations only enhance the allure of this exceptional dining destination.

Au Pois Gourmand, 3 Rue Emile Heybrard, 31300 Toulouse

Les P’tits Fayots

This cozy restaurant, masterminded by chef Aziz Mokhtari, offers an inviting ambiance where patrons can observe the culinary team at work in the open-concept kitchen. 

The unique dining experience revolves around small plates, forgoing the traditional starter and main course structure. Instead, guests choose from a selection of savory and sweet dishes.

With the recommendation of two to three savory plates and one sweet plate per person, diners are treated to an abundant feast. 

Our visit to Les P’tits Fayots left a lasting impression as we savored two exquisitely crafted savory dishes (including the best poached-egg dish we still are salivating over) and a captivating spiced chocolate ganache with olive oil for dessert. 

Les P’tits Fayots, 8 Rue de l’Esquile, 31000 Toulouse

Les Planeurs

This concealed treasure is sure to leave a mark on your culinary journey! Tucked away alongside the Canal du Midi in the Minimes neighborhood, Les Planeurs is easy to miss when walking down the street, but its charm is undeniable once discovered. 

The intimate interior and enchanting covered back terrace create a delightful atmosphere while the Japanese chef skillfully crafts fresh, seasonal French/Japanese dishes. Each plate is meticulously presented with a keen focus on both visual appeal and delectable flavors, promising a truly memorable dining experience.

Les Planeurs, 56 Bd des Minimes, 31200 Toulouse

A Taula close up dishes

(Source: A Taula)


A Taula

Indulge in the scrumptious small plates offered at this lively tapas bar, which beautifully showcases the unique flavors and ingredients of the region. The vibrant ambiance in A Taula with its shaded stone outdoor courtyard is a perfect spot to enjoy a drink and a bite to eat. 

The setting is truly Toulousain – the restaurant is located in an old hôtel particulier (a type of historic urban mansion) that has been transformed into an Occitan cultural center. The name “A Taula” (meaning “To the table” in Occitan) only adds to its authenticity.

A Taula, 11 Rue Malcousinat, 31000 Toulouse

L’Oreille Cassée

This tapas bar celebrates the deaf community in a way that is also open and welcoming to everyone. The bar’s name, L’Oreille Cassée, translates to “Busted Ear” (and references a famous Tintin story of the same name), and the menu is full of creative and flavorful dishes made with the best regional ingredients. 

Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or a meat-lover, there is something for everyone. What we love about this place is the food and its commitment to integrating and learning from those who experience life differently from us.

L’Oreille Cassée, 22 Rue des Blanchers, 31000 Toulouse

Le Bon Vivre restaurant interior

(Source: Le Bon Vivre)

Traditional Specialties

Le Genty Magre

Le Genty Magre won the 2023 World Championship of the Cassoulet de Toulouse, and it’s easy to see why. The cassoulet is rich and flavorful, with perfectly cooked beans and tender meat. 

(Taste of Toulouse attended the finals and we can personally attest that it was also our favorite cassoulet out of five that we tried.)

But Le Genty Magre have plenty more to offer besides their cassoulet. Their wonderful menu changes with the seasons, “Truffles at the start of the year, asparagus, quail and pigeon in the spring; in summer seafood, and in summer/autumn, products from mountain pastures, game, and the first root vegetable.”

Le Genty Magre, 3 Rue Genty-Magre, 31000 Toulouse

Le J’Go

Le J’Go is a clever play on words, a homophone for the French term “gigot,” as in gigot d’agneau (leg of lamb). Embodying the essence of Gascony and rustic cuisine, Le J’Go offers an array of delectable dishes such as roasted leg of lamb, house-made Gascon paté, cassoulet, Bigorre pork, and duck fat fries. 

Sourced directly from local farms, each ingredient reflects the restaurant’s commitment to regional authenticity.

As a testament to these partnerships, photographs of the farmers and artisans they collaborate with adorn the walls, further emphasizing the establishment’s dedication to its roots. (And if you run out of time to try it in Toulouse, they have a location located in the airport.)

Le J’Go, 16 Pl. Victor Hugo, 31000 Toulouse

Le Bon Vivre

A top recommendation for those seeking authentic regional cuisine, Le Bon Vivre is situated in the lively Place Wilson. Its warm and amiable staff serves an array of local favorites, including cassoulet, Toulouse sausage, and duck breast. 

For vegetarians or those in search of lighter options, the menu also features a variety of dishes to accommodate diverse preferences. Le Bon Vivre is an ideal spot for enjoying a drink and indulging in pre-dinner small plates to share sourced from esteemed local producers. 

Le Bon Vivre, 15 bis Pl. du Président Thomas Wilson

Sandwich Chorizo and a bottle of wine

(Source: Le Détaillant)

Food on the Go

Le Boui Boui

Shattering any preconceived notion you may have of kebabs as strictly an unhealthy takeaway food, Le Boui Boui is a Carmes district eatery where the food is entirely homemade and built on delicious fresh ingredients.

Inspired by Berlin’s iconic Mustafa Kebab, at Le Boui Boui authenticity reigns supreme – these are kebabs at their very best. 

Every ingredient, from the homemade sauces to the bread sourced from the renowned Boulangerie Cyprien bakery, speaks of quality and passion. Patrons have a choice among meticulously crafted sandwiches, including the classic Döner Kebab and the meatless Gemüse featuring falafels.

Be sure to pair your choice with their signature fries, and definitely opt to add their delectable tarragon aioli sauce for dipping.

⭑ Le Boui Boui, 41 Rue des Paradoux, 31000 Toulouse, France

Le Détaillant

Savor high-quality sandwiches crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients and artisanal bread, delivered to the shop multiple times per day. 

The exceptional Le Détaillant is managed by a talented young chef who honed their skills under the tutelage of renowned Toulouse chef Michel Sarran, whose restaurant we recommended earlier.

Le Détaillant, 17 Rue Peyrolières, 31000 Toulouse

Guédille, street food by Hedone

Amidst the lockdown, Michelin-starred chef Balthazar Gonzalez of restaurant Hedone ingeniously conceived a street food cart to continue serving his culinary creations. 

While the lockdown has since passed, the beloved cart remains, offering a mouthwatering assortment of guédilles (rolls) brimming with delectable fillings such as pastrami, crab, veal, deviled eggs, and more.

Hedone Street, 2 impasse Saint-Félix, 31400 Toulouse

La Belle Verte appetizers

(Source: La Belle Verte)


La Belle Verte

Discover a gastronomic vegetarian haven committed to organic, zero-waste, and animal product-free cuisine. Many dishes are also gluten-free! 

La Belle Verte offers a three-course lunch menu and a six-course (gluten-free!) tasting menu for dinner that are both very well priced. We can personally attest that their inventive creations cater to both vegetarians and omnivores alike.

The staff is also very kind and they have a wine list filled with many small producers of natural wines.

La Belle Verte, 50 Rue d’Aubuisson, 31000 Toulouse


Indulge in a vegetarian coffee shop experience, with outstanding brunch and lunch options at Sixta. The weekly menus feature fresh, organic, ethically sourced seasonal products, and their non-alcoholic drinks change each day. Offering vegan and gluten-free options, Sixta delivers on quality and quantity.

In fact, if you find yourself in a food coma after your meal, nap pods are available for those seeking a moment of tranquility in the bustling city center. The cafe also hosts delicious tapas evenings every Friday. 

Sixta, 28 Rue de Bayard, 31000 Toulouse

La Faim des Haricots

La Faim des Haricots, with locations in Blagnac, Toulouse, and Labège Innopole, is one of Toulouse’s most popular vegetarian restaurants. 

With a friendly atmosphere, it boasts all-you-can-eat buffets featuring an array of mixed salads, homemade savory pies, desserts, and seasonal soups. There’s also a daily special, and vegans will find delightful options to choose from.

La Faim des Haricots, 2bis Rue du Puits Vert, 31000 Toulouse

As you can see, Toulouse offers a wide variety of dining options, from casual eateries to Michelin-starred restaurants, from traditional specialties to creative and innovative cuisine. 

You’ll find something delicious in Toulouse regardless of your taste or budget. 

Remember to explore our selection of Walking Culinary Tours in Toulouse before you go. And, as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch

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