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The Food

Will I be full by the end of the tour?

Most of our guests feel comfortably full after the Marché Victor Hugo tour, with no need for lunch afterwards. If you are taking the afternoon Chocolate & Pastry tour, we recommend planning on a later dinner, as we do eat a significant amount of chocolate and pastries.

Should I eat before the tour?

For the morning Marché Victor Hugo tour, we start tasting within 30 minutes of the start of the tour, however the bulk of the tasting happens during the last half of the tour. For the afternoon Chocolate & Pastry tour, we start tasting almost immediately and tastings are spaced evenly throughout the tour.

You know your body best, but if you must eat before the tour, I recommend a light snack.

I have dietary restrictions. Can I still go on a tour?

As the wife of a vegetarian, I know the importance of accommodating dietary restrictions. On the Marché Victor Hugo tour, I can easily accommodate vegetarians, pescatarians, no pork, gluten-free (NOT Celiac), and non-alcoholic diets. Simply check the corresponding box next to your ticket during the checkout process. If you have any other dietary restrictions that you would like to inquire about prior to booking, please email me directly at jessica@tasteoftoulouse.com. I’ll do my best to see if substitution is possible. Unfortunately, due to the types of products available at the Marché Victor Hugo, this tour isn’t suitable for vegans.

The Chocolate & Pastry tour is vegetarian and I can accommodate vegetarian and non-alcoholic diets with advance notice (simply mention when I ask about dietary restrictions while booking). If you are vegan, please contact me in advance of booking to discuss your options. If you have any questions regarding dietary accommodations or would like to see if I can accommodate other restrictions or food allergies (I often can – please ask!), email me directly at jessica@tasteoftoulouse.com before booking.

I’m pregnant. Can you adapt the tour for me?

Absolutely – and congratulations! For the Marché Victor Hugo tour, simply check the “Pregnant” box under Dietary Restrictions during the checkout process. I’ll avoid serving you uncooked, unpasteurized cheeses; cured meats; and alcoholic drinks. For the Chocolate & Pastry tour, just mention during booking and we can easily avoid any pastries that contain alcohol. If you have any questions regarding other items that your doctor has told you to avoid, please reach out to me directly at jessica@tasteoftoulouse.com. Found out that you’re pregnant after you signed up for the tour? Just email me at least 48 hours before your tour to give me time to arrange the substitutions.

Are drinks served on the tour?

Yes, part of the Marché Victor Hugo tour includes wine tasting. As we will be in a market setting, rather than a restaurant, I recommend bringing a reusable water bottle if you think you would like to drink water during the tour.

Several – but not all – of the stops on the Chocolate & Pastry tour serve water while we are seated. Again, I recommend bringing a reusable water bottle if you think you would like to drink water while we are on the go. At our final stop on the tour, you will also have a choice of beverage (coffee, tea, wine, etc.).

What if I don’t drink alcohol? Will I still enjoy the tour?

Definitely! On the Marché Victor Hugo tour we do spend time talking about – and tasting – French wine, drinking is not required to enjoy the tour. Simply check the “Non-alcoholic” option under Dietary Restrictions during the checkout process, and I will arrange for a delicious substitute beverage for you. Due to the cost and time involved in arranging substitutions, I am unable to offer discounts for non-drinkers. The Chocolate & Pastry tour doesn’t revolve around alcohol, though we may encounter it in small quantities in pastry or chocolate (if you would like to avoid it, please let me know).

I’m under 18. Can I drink alcohol on the tour?

Nope. The legal drinking age is France is 18, so I am not able to bend this rule, as it wouldn’t be nice to the local businesses that we visit. If you are buying a ticket for someone under the age of 18, simply check the “Non-alcoholic” option under Dietary Restrictions during the checkout process, and I will arrange for a delicious substitute beverage for you. Due to the cost and time involved in arranging substitutions, I am unable to offer discounts for non-drinkers.

Booking Your Tour

Should I take the tour at the beginning of my stay?

While you can take a food tour at any point during your time in Toulouse, taking a tour at the beginning of your stay will help you to get the most from it. Why? Because, in addition to all the delicious food, I cover a lot of information that will help you continue your food exploration in Toulouse on your own – history, tips on shopping and ordering, recommendations, further places to visit and things to try. In addition, after the tour you’ll receive a personalized email from me with all of the places we visited and items we tried, to allow you to return to your favorites and remember exactly what you tasted.

I live in Toulouse, can I take a food tour with Taste of Toulouse?

Absolutely! In fact, each Taste of Toulouse tour is tested on both visitors and residents. Not only do we taste some of the best food in the city, I also work hard to give you the stories behind the food, historical details, and cultural information. Even if you’re as obsessed with French food as I am and know Toulouse like the back of your hand, chances are you’ll still probably learn a few things!

Do we just walk around and eat food?

Well, yes, but it’s so much more than that. My goal is to help you come away with a deeper understanding of French gastronomy, more knowledge about the city and the region, an appreciation for the talented and special local artisans of Toulouse, and a desire to continue exploring on your own!

How far in advance can/should I book my tickets?

Ticket sales for small group tours open up 3 months in advance to allow me to confirm availability. If you are interested in a private tour and would like the best choice of dates, contacting me 3+ months in advance is recommended (though, I’ll do my best to accommodate you no matter the time frame).

I always recommend booking as early as possible, no matter the size of your party, to ensure you get your choice of dates. If your plans change, you can ask for a full refund or change up to 48 hours before the scheduled tour. Simply contact me.

Ticketing for each tour closes 24 hours in advance if no bookings have been made yet. One tours where there is at least one booking, ticketing closes 2 hours in advance.

Do I have to buy my tour tickets in advance? Can I just turn up and pay in cash?

For the regularly-scheduled tours, I require booking in advance and payment with a bank or credit card through the website. If I already have bookings for a scheduled tour, you can book up to two hours prior to the start of the tour (unless you have dietary restrictions, in which case, I ask for at least 48 hours notice). If there are no bookings for a scheduled tour, registrations close 24 hours before the tour start time (in many cases, I need to notify businesses in advance).

For private tours, payment can be made by bank or credit card, EU bank transfer, or French cheque. Once the tour details have been finalized, I will provide you with an invoice and further details on the above payment options.

How do I pay for the tour?

When you use the secure booking form on the website, you’ll be asked to pay with credit card.

Is your booking system secure?

Yes. I take security very seriously. The booking system is supplied by TicketingHub, with payment processing through Stripe. You can view my SSL certificate, as well as the SSL certificates for TicketingHub and Stripe. For more information about how data is processed and used, you can read the Privacy Policy.

I’m a solo traveller. Can I book a tour too?

Yes! I don’t charge any extra fees for solo travelers and many people use food tours as a great way to meet fellow passionate foodies. However, I do require a minimum of 2 people in order to run the regularly-scheduled tours. If you’re the only one booked on a tour, I’ll be in contact with you to see if you would prefer to switch to another tour, receive a full refund, or switch to a private tour.

Are your tours suitable for kids?

I love having budding French foodies join their parents/guardians on my tours. For the Chocolate & Pastry tour, I offer a special ticket price for ages 5-12, and non-eating children under the age of 5 are welcome to join the tour for free (always accompanied by an adult). However, please keep in mind that the Marché Victor Hugo tour does not provide seating at any of the stops. Thus, parents will need to determine if their children will be happy participating in the tour and remaining standing for the whole duration. If you have any questions, please get in touch with me at jessica@tasteoftoulouse.com

What if a tour is full? Can you squeeze me in?

Due to space restrictions in some of the businesses that we visit, I am unable to exceed the limits on my tours. However, please email me at jessica@tasteoftoulouse.com to see if there are any options for you.

Is there a waiting list?

Not officially, but please email me at jessica@tasteoftoulouse.com and I’ll let you know if I have any cancellations or if I can schedule another tour.

Something came up! Can I cancel or reschedule my tour?

Stuff happens, I get it. I allow cancellations with a refund up to 48 hours in advance of your scheduled tour. You can also change your tour date (pending availability) or reassign your tickets to someone else for free with at least 48 hours notice. Cancellations, date changes, and ticket reassignments must be communicated to jessica@tasteoftoulouse.com no later than 48 hours before the scheduled start time of your tour. There will be no refunds, date changes, or exchanges within 48 hours of the tour.

Do you offer private tours?

Yes! Check out the Private Tours & Events page and fill out the form to inquire about a private tour.

Who will my guide be?

That’s me, Jessica! I’m the owner and, currently, the only guide for Taste of Toulouse. To learn more about me, visit the About page.


Where is the meeting location for the tour?

We will meet at a conveniently-located spot in the Toulouse city-center. All meeting locations will be accessible by public transportation. The exact meeting location, as well as detailed directions, will be sent to you in a confirmation email after you purchase your tickets online.

What if I’m running late for the tour?

In order to be respectful to all of the tour participants, my tours start right on time. When you book a tour, you will receive a confirmation email with information regarding the start time and meeting location. I recommend arriving 10 minutes early, as I am unable to wait for latecomers and it is not always possible to catch up with the group. Late arrivals and no-shows will not receive refunds.

Are bathrooms available during the tour?

There are bathrooms available during various times on each of the tours, though I cannot guarantee their availability during the whole tour. Please check with me if you have any concerns.

Are cameras allowed on the tour?

Absolutely! I encourage you to take pictures of all the wonderful things we eat and share them with me on social media (you can find me at @tasteoftoulouse on Instagram). The local businesses I work with are proud of their products and love to share them. However, due to European data privacy laws and general politeness, please try to avoid taking pictures of the staff at the local businesses we visit, unless you/we ask their permission first. (You wouldn’t want someone coming into your workplace and taking pictures of you without asking, would you?)

Can I shop during the tour?

I discourage shopping during the tour in order to keep things running smoothly and avoid keeping anyone waiting. However, after the end of the tour, you’ll receive a personalized email from me with all of the places that we visited, a list of everything we tasted, and any recommendations or resources that we discussed to help further your own future exploration.

What happens if it’s raining?

Tours operate rain or shine, so please check the weather conditions and dress appropriately.

Is the tour wheelchair and baby stroller accessible?

The Marché Victor Hugo is wheelchair and baby stroller accessible, however, I am unable to guarantee access to handicap-accessible bathrooms during the entire tour. We may also visit one or two small businesses in the vicinity of the market that are unable to accommodate wheelchairs and strollers due to space constraints or small flights of steps. For the Chocolate & Pastry tour, please contact me regarding accessibility issues, as not all stops are wheelchair and/or stroller accessible. If you have concerns about accessibility, please email me at jessica@tasteoftoulouse.com to discuss.

Do you expect gratuities?

Gratuities/tips are neither required or expected. However, if you are blown away by the tour and absolutely dying to express your gratitude, know that 100% of the tip money I receive is spent at local food businesses in Toulouse – trying new things, supporting local artisans, and making my tours even better.

What language are your tours in?

At this time, my small group tours are only given in English. However, if you are looking for a private food tour in another language, please get in touch and I will see if it is possible to accommodate your group.

Still have questions?

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