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Virtual Tasting Experiences with Taste of Toulouse

Taste of Toulouse online workshops

Taste of Toulouse’s virtual cheese-tasting experiences!

Spend a few hours with me and other French food lovers as we dive deep into one of my favorite topics – CHEESE – in this fun and interactive workshop series that will leave you with cheese skills that will make all your friends jealous.

French Cheese 101

French cheese sign

Do you love cheese but struggle with knowing what to pick out when you go to the supermarket or cheese shop? Do you wish you felt more comfortable recognizing different French cheeses and talking about your cheese likes and dislikes? Then this workshop is for you!

In 2 hours, we’ll cover the basics of French cheese – and a lot more! The goal isn’t to demystify French cheese – because it’s always good to have a little reverence for the mystical powers of a good cheese – but to get you feeling more comfortable and give you the tools and confidence you need to continue your own cheese explorations! I’m a former cheesemonger who loves nothing more than to get people as excited about cheese as I am.

(You can also learn more about cheese with the Taste of Toulouse Blog. We recommend checking out our Guide to Cheese and Wine in Toulouse and Beginner’s Guide to French Cheese.)

You’ll learn about:

  • The 7 main styles of French cheese and how to recognize them by sight 
  • The important cheese terminology that will have you talking cheese like a pro – AOC/AOP/IGP, parts of the cheese, and more
  • What’s the big deal about raw milk and how raw milk regulations around the world affect what you can buy in your home country
  • The role of cheese aging and different cheesemaking techniques on the finished product
  • The basics of cheese pairing with wine and other foods – principles that will help you learn what you like and then keep experimenting
  • Techniques for finding good cheese wherever you shop – whether it’s at a supermarket, a fromagerie, or anywhere in between!
  • The most common question I get asked on my tours: Do you eat the rind?!
  • Currently available as a private experience to enjoy with your family, friends, or colleagues!Joining one of our virtual events in anticipation of an upcoming trip to France? Browse our full range of Toulouse food tours.

Currently available as a private experience to enjoy with your family, friends, or colleagues!

How to Build a Cheese Plate

Do you see gorgeous cheese plates on Instagram and wish you could duplicate them? Do you wish you had more confidence in picking out cheeses and accompaniments for parties and then arranging them for your guests to “ooh” and “ahh” over? Do you break out in a nervous sweat at the thought of having to be the one to cut up cheese? Then this workshop is for you!

In this 1.5-hour, hands-on virtual workshop we’ll cover everything you need to know to start making cheese plates with confidence! We’ll start with some theory and then get down to showing you techniques for crafting a cheese plate for you to enjoy – from cheese plates as appetizers, for the traditional French cheese course, or as your whole meal (we don’t judge) and whether it’s for a whole group or just yourself. Taking our other workshop, French Cheese 101, isn’t required but it is recommended if you’re curious to know more about some of the cheeses I’ll be using in this workshop and how to shop for good cheese wherever you are.

You’ll learn about:

  • Strategies for picking out cheeses for your cheese board
  • How to know how much cheese to buy
  • How to choose the right accompaniments for your cheese plate
  • The best way to cut various style of cheeses
  • The two main aesthetic styles of cheese plates and the best situations for each
  • Techniques for constructing and styling your cheese plate
  • The best ways to store and serve cheese
  • Currently available as a private experience to enjoy with your family, friends, or colleagues!Have an idea for a virtual French food event? Get in touch over on our Private Tours and Events page.

Currently available as a private experience to enjoy with your family, friends, or colleagues!


What's included?

In addition to the live online workshop, you’ll receive a shopping list of suggested cheeses and accompaniments for the interactive portions of the workshop, as well as downloadable course materials (like a printable Cheese Tasting Journal!) and a list of resources to help you continue learning after the workshop.

What's not included?

It is up to you to purchase any food or drink you wish to consume during the workshop.

What if I don't want to or have time to buy supplies?

No worries! You can choose whether you want to follow along and taste with us or simply watch and learn, then go shopping later for cheese and other supplies to put your knowledge into practice.

Will I be able to ask you questions during the workshop?

Absolutely! You can ask me questions using the either the chat box or just by talking directly to me. I’ll be sure to leave plenty of time for questions and answers.

What if I have never used Zoom before?

Zoom is easy to use and you can join using a downloadable application (recommended) or using your web browser. If you’ve never used Zoom before, I recommend clicking on the link a few minutes early so that Zoom can walk you through the setup.

Also, you can transport yourself to Toulouse during the workshop by using one of my FREE Zoom backgrounds of beautiful scenes from Toulouse.

Is the workshop recorded? What if I miss the workshop?

The workshops will not be recorded for privacy reasons. I want everyone to feel comfortable asking questions and interacting. So please be sure to mark your calendar!

Online workshops are non-refundable, so please don’t forget to attend! You will receive a reminder email one hour before the start of the workshop. All workshops start at 8:00PM CEST (Toulouse time).

Do you have a minimum to run the workshop?

We reserve the right to cancel workshops if the minimum of 4 screens is not met. We’ll try to let you know far in advance if it looks like this is the case, to allow you some time to find friends or family who might want to join. It really is more fun with other people!

If the minimum isn’t met, we’ll let you know 48 hours in advance and you have the choice of switching to another workshop date or receiving a refund.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Please review your order and the workshop details carefully before booking. Tickets are refundable until 48 hours prior to the scheduled workshop. I am happy to reschedule your reservation for another date (pending availability) or reassign your tickets to another person with at least 48 hours notice. Any changes must be communicated in writing to [email protected].

Can I book a private workshop for a group?

Yes! Contact me for information and pricing for private workshops. 

What if none of the workshop dates work for me?

We may be adding more dates – or even new workshop topics – in July if interest allows. Contact me if you’d like to propose a specific date or workshop topic or if you’re interested in a private workshop. 

Have other questions?

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