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Guide to Street Food in Toulouse

Le Roll Sandwiches

Guide to Street Food in Toulouse

France is quite well-known for their amazing, intricate, multi-course meals that can often last for hours. But we’ve been excited to see the rise of a popular food trend that is actually quite the opposite of those gastronomic experiences: street food.

Usually, street food is associated with ready-to-eat (or quickly prepared) food that is hawked by vendors in markets, fairs, parks, or – you guessed it – the streets. It’s a genre of food that is fast, easy, and absolutely delicious!

Learn about Toulouse’s exciting street food options with our comprehensive guide. The following blog showcases the best of Toulouse’s exceptional street food scene, featuring innovative twists on traditional fare, exquisite artisanal sweet treats, and award-winning sandwiches and kebabs.

We hope we provide you with plenty of ideas for where to eat during your time in Toulouse. If you’d like to take a one-of-a-kind food tour led by a local expert, consider booking a place on our Toulouse Wine Bar Tour or Victor Hugo Market Walking Tour

Le Détaillant Entrance exterior

Hotdogs and Sandwiches 

Le Détaillant

Indulge in truly superior sandwiches at Le Détaillant, where the first-class ingredients are locally sourced and artisanal bread is delivered several times daily to ensure quality. The shop is under the care of a skilled young chef trained by renowned local chef Michel Sarran. It’s a place where culinary craftsmanship meets the generous portions and satisfying richness one expects from street food.

⭑ Le Détaillant, 17 Rue Peyrolières, 31000 Toulouse

Guédille, Street Food by Hedone

In response to the lockdowns of 2019, Michelin-starred chef Balthazar Gonzalez of Hedone decided to open a street food cart, bringing his gourmet skills to the streets. Though the lockdowns are fortunately behind us, the popular cart has remained, offering an enticing selection of guédilles (rolls). These rolls are generously filled with exquisite options like pastrami, crab, and veal.

⭑ Guédille, Hedone Street, 2 impasse Saint-Félix, 31400 Toulouse

Le Roll Sandwiches

(Source: Le Roll)

Le Roll

Le Roll offers a unique twist on street food, blending the classic New England Lobster Roll with a French flair. Emphasizing fresh, local ingredients, this spot partners with local merchants to develop novel recipes. The ambiance is equally distinctive, featuring a cozy, refined setting that combines modern style with the charm of a typical Toulouse cellar, complete with swing seats and a reading area.

⭑ Le Roll, 27 Rue des Filatiers, 31000 Toulouse

Vélo Végé Hotdog stand

(Source: Vélo Végé)

Vélo Végé

Vélo Végé brings vegan street food to Toulouse with its mobile food bike. Serving plant-based hot dogs and a variety of desserts, this innovative concept operates from a tricycle, offering mobility and convenience. The menu features hot dogs with organic, seitan-based sausages, homemade sauces, seasonal veggie toppings, and a crunch of fried onions. Desserts, like cookies and muffins, are always organic and homemade. Stay updated on their whereabouts via their social media.

⭑  Vélo Végé, All. Jules Guesde, 31000 Toulouse, France

MAM Street Food Plate

(Source: MAM Street Food)

MAM Street Food

Known for their well-prepared croque-monsieur sandwiches, sausages, salads, and delightful parfait, MAM Street Food serves consistently colorful, tasty food. The staff always offers a friendly welcome, and the service is swift, making it the perfect choice if you’re on the go.

Want to learn all about France’s iconic croque-monsieur sandwich? Read our Story of the Croque-Monsieur blog. 

⭑ MAM Street Food, 1 Rue du Rem Villeneuve, 31000 Toulouse, France


Crepes are, naturally, one of the most popular street foods in Toulouse, so you’ll never struggle to find street vendors or stands at restaurants around the Place du Capitole preparing fresh crepes with simple toppings, such as Nutella, jam, and sugar. However, we also have a few favorite restaurants where you can sit and enjoy your crepes in a more relaxed way.

Pastel et Sarrasin

Pastel et Sarrasin is located on rue du Taur between Place du Capitole and Saint-Sernin Basilica in the heart of Toulouse’s historic center. They have a sunny terrace for warm days and a cozy, heated patio for cooler times of the year. They serve an extensive selection of traditional and reimagined Breton pancakes and crepes, as well as healthy starters, salads, and buckwheat wraps.

⭑ Pastel et Sarrasin, 75 Rue du Taur, 31000 Toulouse, France

Le Bol Bu Interior

(Source: Le Bol Bu)

Le Bol Bu

Le Bol Bu is Toulouse’s oldest tearoom, having opened way back in 1975. With the walls covered in vintage art and advertising, Le Bol Bu is a casual and quirky spot for sharing lunch with friends. The menu features sweet and savory crêpes and over 80 varieties of natural or scented tea. Le Bol Bu is also highly regarded for its attentive staff and reasonable prices.

⭑ Le Bol Bu, 8 Rue du May, 31000 Toulouse, France


Le Delizioso 

Although located outside Toulouse city center, Le Delizioso is worth the extra journey — it’s often hailed as one of France’s top kebab shops. Since 1999, this spot has been dedicated to surpassing typical fast-food joints by providing fresh, high-quality offerings. They prepare kebab meat, bread, sauces, and fries daily, infusing each dish with passion, creativity, and meticulous care.

⭑ Le Delizioso, 1 Imp. André Marfaing, 31400 Toulouse

Le Boui Boui

Setting out to reinvent the kebab as a wholesome, homemade delight, the team at Le Boui Boui draws inspiration from Berlin’s famous Mustafa Kebab. They prioritize authenticity and top-notch ingredients above all else, and every component, from the bread sourced from Boulangerie Cyprien to the house-made sauces, underscores their commitment to quality. 

Choose from expertly crafted sandwiches like the classic Döner Kebab or the vegetarian Gemüse with falafels. Don’t miss out on their renowned fries, best enjoyed with the exquisite tarragon aioli sauce.

⭑ Le Boui Boui, 41 Rue des Paradoux, 31000 Toulouse, France

French Tacos

A note on French Tacos: Imagine a unique fusion that combines the best elements of a panini, kebab, and burrito. That’s what you get with the French tacos. Not to be mistaken with its Mexican namesake, this delight is essentially a panini-like sandwich. 

Picture a large flour tortilla generously coated with condiments, stacked with meat and additions like French fries, smothered in cheese sauce, folded into a neat rectangle, and finally toasted to perfection!

New School Tacos

Priding themselves as food producers for modern times, New School Tacos offers virtually limitless customization for your tacos and encourages you to get creative!

Whether your preferences lean towards minced meat or cordon bleu, fish or mozzarella, or even the more unconventional choices like grilled eggplant or raclette, they’ve got you covered. The motto here is clear: “Shake up the recipe — it’s your tacos, your creation!”

⭑ New School Tacos, 40 All. Charles de Fitte, 31300 Toulouse, France


At O’Tacos, quality is king. They’re renowned for their delectable cheese sauce, meticulously chosen meats, and the staggering variety of over 40,000 potential variations. 

Each tacos is crafted to order, ensuring freshness and flavor in every bite. Whether you’re savoring it on the spot, taking it away, or having it delivered, O’Tacos promises an unbeatable experience.

⭑ O’Tacos, Centre Ville, 50 Rue du Taur, 31000 Toulouse, France

Bello & Angeli Waffles with cream

(Source: Bello & Angeli)


Bello & Angeli

Sébastien Bello, the chocolatier behind Bello & Angeli, crafts exceptional chocolate creations, blending his unique vision with the finest ingredients. Known for novel confections like the Sakura chocolate, which marries cherry blossom notes with rich dark chocolate, Bello’s enchanting creations are a testament to his skill. With accolades from the Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat in 2015 and 2020, the shop is a testament to the art of chocolate, offering not just treats but a full sensory experience with its carefully selected ingredients and innovative flavor combinations.

We recommend visiting Bello & Angeli for their waffles served with a generous heap of homemade ice cream, which we think is some of the best in Toulouse! No matter how big your sweet tooth is, you’ll be satisfied. (Learn more about Toulouse’s best places for ice cream by reading Glace à gogo: Our guide to the best ice cream in Toulouse.)

If you’d like to explore Toulouse’s sweet side further, consider joining us for our Chocolate & Pastry Tour in Toulouse

⭑ Bello & Angeli, 4 Rue Victor Hugo, 31000 Toulouse

La Quéquetterie

First opened in Paris in 2020, La Quéquetterie is a little different. Specializing in waffles shaped like “quequettes and foufounes” (penises and vulvas), their playful take on desserts comes in a variety of flavors like spéculoos, Nutella, and coconut. Depending on toppings, prices range from 5 to 8 euros, with takeaway options including refreshing granitas. A delightful treat that promises to tantalize your taste buds!

 La Quéquetterie, 24 Rue Charles de Rémusat, 31000 Toulouse

Asian Street Food

Monsieur Cyclofood

Monsieur Cyclofood, near Musée Saint-Raymond, serves up authentic Vietnamese flavors. Renowned for its banh mi, sandwiches, and filet américain, it’s a natural choice for Asian street food enthusiasts. Pair your meal with their exquisite biscuits and parfait, complemented by great coffee. The welcoming staff and homely atmosphere make it the perfect spot to unwind after a busy day.

⭑ Monsieur Cyclofood, 6 Rue des Salenques, 31000 Toulouse

Le Kiosque Vitnamese platters

(Source: Le Kiosque)

Le Kiosque

Born in a tiny newsstand, Le Kiosque has become a Toulouse staple for Vietnamese cuisine. For 39 years, the Huynh family has dished out authentic, fuss-free Vietnamese fare – from bo bun to banh mi – all at wallet-friendly prices. 

Three Le Kiosque premises are now open across the city, so you’ll never be too far from quality Vietnamese street food! 

⭑ Le Kiosque 77 All. Forain-François Verdier, 31000 Toulouse & 1 Pl. Saint-Pierre, 31000 Toulouse & 5 Rue Gabriel Péri, 31000 Toulouse


Pia Pia Piadina

Pia Pia Piadina specializes in piadine, traditional toasted flatbread sandwiches from Northern Italy. They take pride in using authentic Italian ingredients and directly importing cheeses, cold meats, and flour from Italy weekly. Their menu represents a tour of Italy, with nine piadine divided into traditional, vegetarian, and special categories, each named after Italian cities. The culinary journey doesn’t end there; they also offer salads, tiramisu, and a unique Nutella/banana piadina for dessert.

⭑ Pia Pia Piadina, 38 Rue des Filatiers, 31000 Toulouse

Orto restaurant sandwich

(Source: ORTO)


Orto is a tribute to Italian heritage and the beauty of simple, harmonizing flavors. Founded by Antoine and Benjamin, whose roots trace back to Italy, Orto celebrates the foods of their childhood and the panini they savored at their grandmother’s. 

The sandwiches on their menu each feature top-quality Italian ciabatta bread, cured meats, and DOP cheeses, complemented by additions like truffle sauce and basil pesto, reflecting a perfect balance of taste, flavor, and seasonal freshness.

⭑ Orto, 6 Rue Peyras, 31000 Toulouse, France

La Esquina Epicerie Fine Espagnole

Enjoy authentic Spanish at La Esquina, where owner Romain, passionate about traditional craftsmanship, brings Spanish culinary heritage to life. This delicatessen, celebrated for its hand-sliced Bellota ham and artisanal turrón, also offers “de la casa” sandwiches made with bread from the renowned Panivore bakery. Find this culinary gem at the corner of rue Piquemil, rue Réclusane, and rue du Pont Saint-Pierre.

⭑ La Esquina Epicerie Fine Espagnole, 10 bis Rue du Pont Saint-Pierre, 31300 Toulouse

Discover the heart and soul of Toulouse through its vibrant street food scene. From innovative interpretations of classic dishes at Le Delizioso to the artisanal craft of Bello & Angeli. 

And if you’d like to explore the city’s food scene with a local expert, explore our Toulouse Food Tours.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.  

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