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Guide to French Hangover Food: The Toulouse Edition

Crêperie Pastel et Sarrasin eggs crepe

Guide to French Hangover Food: The Toulouse Edition

Beyond its historic landmarks and first-class cultural sites, Toulouse boasts a culinary scene that can comfort even the most challenging of mornings.

When the morning after the night before calls for recovery, Toulouse offers a myriad of dishes to help shake off the previous night’s adventures (or misadventures). Dive in as we guide you through the best hangover cures the city has to offer.

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Hands holding new school cheese tacos

(Source: New School Tacos)

Top French Hangover Foods

Before we discuss some of our favorite French hangover foods, we’d like to mention our Toulouse Wine Bar Tour as a great way to kick off your evening. This tour experience is the perfect way for friends to convene over pre-dinner drinks and appetizers while discovering Toulouse’s delectable wines.

We can even provide you with recommendations for where to go later in the evening – not that we want to encourage you to overindulge! Great wine is something to be savored, not quaffed.  

French Tacos

Imagine a unique fusion that combines the best elements of a panini, kebab, and burrito. That’s what you get with the French tacos. Not to be mistaken with its Mexican namesake, this delight is essentially a panini-like sandwich. 

Picture a large flour tortilla generously coated with condiments, stacked with meat and additions like French fries, smothered in cheese sauce, folded into a neat rectangle, and finally toasted to perfection.

It’s a culinary blend that uniquely represents the diversity of the modern French palate – classic French flavors infused with wonderful North African influences and cooking techniques.

Pro tip: even a singular French tacos has an “s” at the end, and unlike with many French words, the “s” is pronounced.


Okay, this may seem like an odd choice but bear with us. In many different cultures, you’ll hear tales of how oysters are an excellent, if unlikely, cure for a hangover. Could it be due to them being rich in vitamin B12, a natural anti-inflammatory? The science…well…it’s sketchy.

But we know as well as anybody: When your morning has been spent regretting the decisions of the night before, you’ll try anything to shake the hangover blues. 

And if you’re going to eat oysters, there’s no better place than Toulouse, where they are a central part of the local foodie culture. 

We don’t have a No. 1 place for eating oysters in Toulouse, but we recommend heading to the historic Victor Hugo Market, where you’ll find first-class fishmongers offering fresh oysters and a fantastic atmosphere, or the delightful Cabanon bar right outside the market.

(If you want to talk about the historic Victor Hugo market in the company of an expert local guide, book a place on our Victor Hugo Market Tour.) 

Crepes & Galettes

The humble crepe, a timeless French classic, is a hangover remedy that’s delicious and comforting. Whether you’re craving the traditional offerings or something a little different, Toulouse has some outstanding spots for you.

Remember crêpes are usually topped with sweet fillings like caramel and fruit and are often served as small-sized desserts. In contrast, galettes are savory and made from gluten-free buckwheat flour. If you crave comforting, savory food when hungover, opt for galettes. 

Croissant or Chocolatine

Waking up with a pounding head, there’s perhaps nothing more soothing than the buttery aroma and flaky texture of a freshly baked croissant or its richer cousin, the chocolatine. These quintessential French pastries offer a light yet indulgent remedy to the morning after.

Croque Monsieur

The Croque Monsieur is not just a sandwich, it’s a must-experience part of French culinary culture. Golden toasted bread, ham, and melted cheese crowned with béchamel sauce, it’s a savory treat that hits all the right spots and provides some much-needed sustenance after a night out.

(Read Taste of Toulouse’s Story of the Croque Monsieur to learn more about this iconic French dish.)


Rich, savory, and fulfilling quiches are perfect for settling a tumultuous stomach. Their creamy filling and flaky crust make them a hearty choice for those post-celebration mornings.


A velvety blend of mashed potatoes and melted cheese, Aligot is the ultimate comfort food. Originating from the regions north of Toulouse, this creamy, cheesy dish fills the stomach and warms the soul – making it an ideal pick-me-up on a hangover day.

In the realm of hangover remedies, Toulouse offers plenty of choices to alleviate the aftermath of a long night. So, when the festivities of the troisième mi-temps (a post-rugby match celebration for you traveling sports fans) lead to morning regrets, you know exactly what to order in Toulouse!

Crêperie Pastel et Sarrasin eggs crepe

(Source: Crêperie Pastel et Sarrasin)

Best Places to Find Hangover Food in Toulouse

Navigating the streets of Toulouse with a hangover could be a daunting task. Fret not, for we’ve put together a list of the best places to find the foods selected above. Whether you crave the meaty richness of French tacos or the creamy allure of aligot, Toulouse has an eatery for every hungover belly.

Bonus points: most of these have pick-up or delivery options.

For Your French Tacos Fix

New School Tacos

Back in 2016, New School Tacos was already introducing Toulouse to their own spin on French tacos. Priding themselves as producers of food for modern times, they offer virtually limitless customization for your taco and encourage you to get creative!

Whether your preferences lean towards minced meat or cordon bleu, fish or mozzarella, or even the more unconventional choices like grilled eggplant or raclette, they’ve got you covered. The motto here is clear: “Shake up the recipe, it’s your tacos, your creation!”

⭑ New School Tacos, 40 All. Charles de Fitte, 31300 Toulouse, France


At O’Tacos, quality is king. They’re renowned for their delectable cheese sauce, meticulously chosen meats, and the staggering variety of over 40,000 potential variations. 

Each taco is crafted to order, ensuring freshness and flavor in every bite. Whether you’re savoring it on the spot, taking it away, or having it delivered, O’Tacos promises an unbeatable foodie experience.

⭑ O’Tacos, Centre Ville, 50 Rue du Taur, 31000 Toulouse, France

Pro tip: You’ll also find French tacos at most kebab shops around town. They’re pretty much one of the most ubiquitous foods in Toulouse.

Your Crepe Cravings Satisfied

Pastel et Sarrasin

Pastel et Sarrasin consistently delivers on their promise of top-notch quality. While you can relish the iconic sweet crepes and savory galettes that pay homage to Breton gastronomy, there’s also an array of unique flavors to treat your taste buds.

⭑ Pastel et Sarrasin, 75 Rue du Taur, 31000 Toulouse, France

Le Bol Bu

Nestled in a serene backstreet at the heart of Toulouse, Le Bol Bu offers lots of ambiance and an enticing menu. With a bohemian charm that’s distinctly its own, this favorite spot serves not just exemplary crepes and galettes but also teas and hot chocolates in bowls, staying true to its namesake.

A visit here isn’t just about the food but the entire cozy experience.

⭑ Le Bol Bu, 8 Rue du May, 31000 Toulouse, France

Pastry Perfection

Boulangerie Cyprien

Taking chocolatine (Pain au chocolat, also known as chocolatine in the southwest part of France) to the next level, Boulangerie Cyprien packs in a whopping three bars of chocolate instead of the usual two. It’s an indulgence you won’t regret, especially on a tough morning.

⭑ Boulangerie Cyprien, 55 Rue de la République, 31300 Toulouse, France

Maison Beauhaire

Under the guidance of Meilleur Ouvrier de France Jean-Luc Beauhaire, Maison Beauhaire ensures each pastry is nothing short of perfection. Quality and tradition intertwine here, offering authentic French bakery goodness.

⭑ Maison Beauhaire, Marché Victor Hugo, Pl. Victor Hugo, 31000 Toulouse, France


For those mornings when the hangover feels insurmountable, Sandyan provides the ultimate solace – the chocolatine XXL. It’s grand, decadent, and everything you need to combat the after-effects of a wild night.

⭑ Sandyan, 54bis Rue d’Alsace Lorraine, 31000 Toulouse, France

Classic Quiches

Flower’s Café

A visit to the Flowers Café promises a delightful array of quiches, prepared with care and the finest ingredients. Each bite offers a fusion of flavors, making it a top pick for hangover relief. The café also offers a charming old-world aesthetic and delicious flavored hot chocolates.

⭑ Flower’s Café,  6 Pl. Roger Salengro, 31000 Toulouse, France

La Faim des Haricots

La Faim des Haricots is a vegetarian establishment that ensures you leave with a satiated appetite. Considered a little crazy upon opening (given Toulouse’s fondness for meat-rich dishes), La Faim des Haricots has been open for nearly 28 years.

Everything they sell is homemade, and their buffets offer excellent value for money. 

⭑ La Faim des Haricots, 2bis Rue du Puits Vert, 31000 Toulouse, France

Tôt ou Tarte bacon quiche

(Source: Tôt ou Tarte)

Tôt ou Tarte

This quaint café specializes in quiches that perfectly balance the creamy, the savory, and the delectably crispy. Their menu is a testament to the versatility of this beloved dish.

⭑ Tôt ou Tarte, 33 Rue Peyrolières, 31000 Toulouse, France

Classic Kebabs

Le Boui Boui

Dispel any thoughts you might have of kebabs being just another unhealthy fast food option. Nestled in the Carmes district, Le Boui Boui serves dishes that are freshly handmade using the finest ingredients.

Taking inspiration from the legendary Mustafa Kebab in Berlin, Le Boui Boui stands out with its commitment to authentic flavors – this is the kebab at peak quality.

Every component, from the artisanal sauces to the bread brought in from the distinguished Boulangerie & Pâtisserie Cyprien on Rue de la République, exudes quality and dedication.

Visitors can select from a carefully curated sandwich menu, with options like the traditional Döner Kebab or the vegetarian Gemüse packed with falafels. Don’t forget to accompany your main with their standout fries, complemented by a tantalizing tarragon aioli dip.

⭑ Le Boui Boui, 41 Rue des Paradoux, 31000 Toulouse, France

Comforting Aligot

Aligot Bar

A place where mashed potatoes and cheese blend in a harmonious dance, creating the perfect comfort dish for those groggy mornings. Aligot Bar is a little bistro that promises healthy and authentic food at prices suitable for everyone. Their menu is a wonderful celebration of the food of southwest France.  

⭑ Aligot Bar, 35 Rue du Taur, 31000 Toulouse, France

With this list at your fingertips, your post-celebration mornings in Toulouse promise to be deliciously nourishing. Toulouse is a special place where hangover cures are synonymous with culinary adventures.

Garonne Toulouse Bridge river view

Activities for Hungover Days

After indulging in Toulouse’s gastronomic delights, you and your friends want some activities to help shake off the hangover. Here are some relaxing choices:

River Garonne Strolls

Walk alongside the serene River Garonne. Allow the gentle breeze and calm waters to have their therapeutic effect, providing a peaceful environment to clear your head.

Visit the City’s Green Spaces

Toulouse boasts beautiful parks and gardens, like the Jardin des Plantes, where one can relax, breathe fresh air, and perhaps enjoy a picnic.

(Our What to Do in Toulouse This Summer offers further suggestions for outdoor activities.)

River Cruises

If walking feels too taxing, opt for a leisurely cruise on the Garonne. It offers unique views of the city’s beautiful architecture – a tranquil way to spend a morning or afternoon.

Attend a Live Music Session

Numerous cafes around Toulouse host live music sessions. Enjoy some soothing tunes, perhaps with the hair of the dog, and let the music rejuvenate your spirit.

Whether it’s a chocolatine the morning after a night out or an evening meal post-pub, Toulouse promises a gastronomic journey that will perfectly complement your trip. 

Here’s to the food and the unforgettable memories you’ll take with you! Before you leave us, be sure to check out our selection of Food Tours in Toulouse.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.  

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