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Food Souvenirs from Toulouse

Violette de Toulouse Products, La Maison de la Violette

Food Souvenirs from Toulouse

Tasteful Toulouse gifts for everyone on your list…

Welcome to Taste of Toulouse’s guide to picking up the perfect Toulouse souvenirs for you and your loved ones when traveling. Toulouse is a magical city where you’ll have no trouble finding unique and beautiful gifts perfect for your friends and family. 

From artisanal crafts to gourmet treats, there’s something for everyone on your list. So sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the best gifts available in Toulouse – your loved ones will surely thank you!

And while you’re with us, be sure to check out our Delicious Toulouse Food Tours – there’s no better way to discover the city than through its cuisine.

Toulouse Souvenirs for Checked-In Luggage

Opinel No. 10 Folding Knife & Corkscrew
Source – Opinel

Opinel No. 10 Folding Knife & Corkscrew

For the person on your list who’s always ready for an apéro…

We use this handy folding knife on our tours and for picnics. The integrated bottle opener isn’t our favorite type, but it means you’ll never be stuck wishing for a screw cap. Made in France, this makes for a perfect souvenir to bring home to the wine lover in your life. 

Available in-store and online at Maison Habiague.

DIY Kir Toulousain Kit

For those who think Champagne is a good drink for any occasion…

The Toulousain take on the Kir Royale – the Kir Toulousain – is a gorgeous cocktail made of sparkling wine, a liquor made from the famous Violettes de Toulouse, with a candied violet petal in the bottom of the flute for a lovely touch. 

Make your own Kir Toulousain kit with a bottle of Violet Liqueur and candied violet petals from Maison des Violettes. Pick up a bottle of chilled sparkling wine from your local caviste to complete the package, and you’re all set! Available in-store and online at La Maison de la Violette.

Georgette Spork from Maison Habiague

For people who appreciate style and elegance in their kitchenware…

Another gift available from the wonderful Maison Habaigue (one of our favorite cookware shops, if you haven’t guessed), the Georgette was invented by a local man from Ariège, south of Toulouse, and can be found gracing the tables of Michelin-starred chefs. 

We use these on tour and love how versatile they are. The “adventure” version includes a small yogurt spoon on the end and a hole that can easily affix your Georgette to your belt or bag.

Le Point G Gin

For the person on your list who’s always trying a different craft cocktail…

If you’re looking for a unique spirit, genuinely Toulousain, look no further! Le Point G gin blends violet (the iconic Toulouse flower) with spirulina and a secret blend of aromatic plants that are cultivated on the Montagne Noir (the Black Mountain, near Carcassone), grown only a few kilometers from where the gin is distilled. 

It can be appreciated by itself or mixed in cocktails. Available at La Cave Spirituelle and other local wine/spirits shops. (P.S. The name of this gin is a play on words, as “le point g” is French for “the g-spot.”)

Drone, Vineyard, Sunset, Road Sign Set

Local Wines from Southwest France

For those who like to sample classic, local flavors…

Local wines from the southwest are a fantastic souvenir from a trip to Toulouse as they embody the region’s rich and diverse cultural heritage.

Many wines from southwest France are made with indigenous local grape varieties that aren’t used anywhere else in the world and can be difficult to find outside of France as they aren’t widely exported.

These wines are known for their unique taste, high quality (if you buy them from the right shops), and great value, making them a special and memorable memento of your travels. 

Whether selected as a gift or as a personal keepsake, a bottle of wine from southwest France will conjure all the beauty of the French countryside when enjoyed with good food and company. 

Read our blogs on Buying Wine Like a Local in Toulouse or A Guide to Cheese and Wine in Toulouse for ideas on where to shop for wine and what to look for. 

Pro tip: If you’re flying carry-on only but don’t want to miss out on bringing back a bottle or two, you can usually find a decent selection of wines from southwest France in the duty-free shop at the Toulouse-Blagnac airport before you fly out.

Toulouse Souvenirs to Take in Hand Luggage

Pavé Toulousain With Gift Box, Xavier Fromagerie

For the person on your list who always has the best cheese in their fridge…

This cheese is the special creation of MOF François Bourgon of Xavier Fromagerie – you’ll never find it elsewhere! Sold at 3 different ages – 3, 6, and 12 months – depending on your taste – and also in a special version flavored with the Timut pepper, which infuses the cheese with unique notes of grapefruit and citrus 

You can buy it with or without the lovely wooden box. I’d recommend giving it as a gift with the box – both for the lovely presentation and because your favorite cheese lover can continue to age the cheese themselves in it! It can be vacuum-sealed for easy traveling.

Available in-store and online at Xavier Fromagerie (and sometimes also in the duty-free section of the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport!)

Xavier Fromagerie Tote Bag

Xavier Fromagerie Tote Bag

For the person on your list who spends their Saturday morning doing goat yoga (or wishes they could)…

Another gift option from the good people at Xavier Fromagerie is this adorable tote featuring a goat wearing the distinctive bleu, blanc, et rouge collar of a Meilleur Ouvrier de France (referencing François Bourgon, the head of Xavier Fromagerie, who is a MOF). 

It is a whimsical gift for any lover of chevre – available in-store at Xavier Fromagerie.

Woman on Taste of Toulouse Tour

Gift Voucher for a Taste of Toulouse Tour

For the person on your list who never needs anything…

Science has shown that we’re happier when we spend money on experiences instead of things. So why not gift a voucher for one of our gourmet food tours? 

If your friends or family are traveling in France, they can join us in Toulouse for a deliciously unforgettable experience (packed with info that they’ll keep on using during their trip), but you’ll also be supporting over HALF A DOZEN local businesses without a thing to clutter up the closet! 

Now that’s what we call a truly thoughtful gift! And whether Cheese & Wine is your thing or Chocolate & Pastries, we’re sure to have a tour just right for you. Browse through our full selection of Walking Tours in Toulouse

(If you’ve already joined us on one of our food tours in Toulouse and you’d like a souvenir to remember the occasion, pick something up from the Taste of Toulouse Online Store.)

Chocolatine socks 

For the person on your list who always wears the coolest socks…

These adorable socks covered in chocolatines (in Toulouse, we would NEVER call them “pains au chocolat”!) would make a fun – and VERY Toulouse-ish – gift for both men and women. 

Available from Pompon sur la Garonne, online or in their boutique.

Earthenware Cassole Dish

Earthenware Cassole Dish Handmade by Not Frères Poterie

For the person in your life who adores handmade crafts…

A visit to this family-run pottery makes for a creative day out and provides a great opportunity for buying some unique, handcrafted gifts. But even if you don’t have time for a day trip, you can still get your hands on their one-of-a-kind handmade pieces at – where else? – Maison Habiague in Toulouse.

The cassole is a conically-shaped earthenware dish used to make cassoulet, a quintessential Toulouse stew made with white beans and meat.

The ingredients are layered together in the cassole, then put in the oven to bake and create the distinctive, crunchy crust that the cassoulet is known for (cassoulet purists insist that you don’t need bread crumbs to create the crust if it is baked properly).

Click here to learn more about the Not Frères Poterie pottery and read more about the cassoulet in our blog post about the Most Typical Foods You Should Try in Toulouse 

Violette de Toulouse Products, La Maison de la Violette

Violette de Toulouse Products, La Maison de la Violette

For those who will appreciate a taste of Toulouse history…

Violette de Toulouse products are an excellent choice for a souvenir when visiting Toulouse, offering a range of benefits that make them a memorable and special memento of your travels.

Violette de Toulouse is a unique and recognizable product only made in Toulouse, making it an authentic representation of the region.

Known for its delicate and fragrant violet scent and light, fresh flavor, this gift will offer something truly new for your recipient.

La Maison de la Violette is a well-respected producer of Violette de Toulouse products and is known for using only the highest quality ingredients and traditional methods in their production. This attention to detail and quality means that anyone receiving a Violette de Toulouse product as a gift will be impressed.

Pastel Net Shopping Bag
Source – AHPY Workshop

Pastel Net Shopping Bag 

For the person on your list who’s trying to cut plastic bag use…

This gorgeous crocheted shopping bag was made in France and then hand-dyed with pastel (the famous plant dye that produced much of the wealth in Toulouse in the late Medieval and Renaissance periods) at a workshop right here in Toulouse. 

You can visit the AHPY workshop in the Minimes neighborhood if you call ahead, visit their new boutique – the Espace Pastel, purchase through their online shop, and check out the list of shops that carry their products.

They also have other gorgeous clothing items, scarves, etc., that would make lovely gifts – made AND dyed in Toulouse!

Chocolates from Bello & Angeli

For those with a sweet tooth…

Chocolates from Bello & Angeli are made with high-quality, fresh ingredients and traditional techniques, ensuring that each bite is rich and indulgent. 

The chocolates come in various unique and delicious flavors, offering something for everyone. Their elegant packaging also makes them a beautiful and sophisticated gift.

Whether you’re looking for a sweet treat for yourself or a thoughtful present for a loved one, chocolates from Bello & Angeli are sure to please.

If you’re in Toulouse, you can learn more about the craft and passion that goes into what Bello & Angeli do on our Toulouse Chocolate & Pastry Tour

Le Régal Apéro Plates

Le Régal Apéro Plates

Finely crafted wooden kitchenware from sustainably-harvested French oak…

We use these gorgeous wooden plates with a cleverly-designed slot for your wine glass on our Victor Hugo Market Tour and for stylish at-home apéros with friends!

They solve the age-old dilemma of not having enough hands to hold your plate AND your wine glass AND sip/eat at the same time, plus they’re 100% made in France from sturdy French oak that ages beautifully over the years. You’ll treasure these pieces for a long time!

Available in Toulouse at Bazar de la Bourse or visit Le Régal online to browse a selection of beautiful wooden plates and other pieces of kitchenware. 

Fleur de sel de Gruissan

Fleur de sel de Gruissan

For the salt fiend on your list (we all have one)…

The tiny fishing village of Gruissan, near Narbonne on the Mediterranean coast, is known for producing some of the world’s best flaky sea salt, used both in Michelin-starred kitchens and at home. 

This delicious salt comes packaged in a beautiful wax-sealed wooden box that makes it perfect for gift-giving. 

Read this article to find out more about the fleur de sel de Gruissan. Available in Toulouse at Le J’go epicerie and other fine food stores or online here.

Coffee from a Local Roaster
Source – Le Café Cerise

Coffee from a Local Roaster

For coffee connoisseurs…

Easy to carry home, quality coffee beans always make a wonderful gift for coffee lovers. Fortunately, Toulouse is filled with good places to buy single-source coffees that are sure to impress the barista in your life.

Some of our favorite stores are Le Café Cerise, La Brûlerie des Filatiers, and Cafés Di Costanzo

This brings an end to our gift-buying guide. If you have any questions about this blog or our tours, please get in touch

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