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Fine Dining in Toulouse

Hédone (Michelin Star) Chef Balthazar Gonzalez

Fine Dining in Toulouse

Join us for a journey around some of Toulouse’s best fine dining establishments*, such as P-yr, Michel Sarran, and Le Cénacle, among others. Each choice offers something truly unique, from innovative takes on traditional French cuisine to contemporary gastronomic delights. 

And if you’re in Toulouse and would like to explore the city’s food scene with an expert local guide, consider booking your place on one of our Toulouse Walking Tours.

*It’s worth noting: We’ve labeled these restaurants as “fine dining” due to the food they serve and the fact they could serve as a great choice for those celebrating a special occasion, etc. However, many of these are welcoming establishments where you’re unlikely to feel out of place for being underdressed.  

Le Cénacle (Michelin Star) restaurant

(Source: Le Cénacle)

Le Cénacle (Michelin Star)

At Le Cénacle, Chef Clément Convard crafts daring yet refined dishes in the historic setting of La Cour des Consuls Hôtel & Spa. 

The restaurant’s winning formula lies in Chef Convard’s dedication to using local producers, their first-class sommeliers, and a devoted service team that elevates dining to an art form. The cuisine, a blend of traditional and Mediterranean styles, invites diners on a visual and olfactory journey, engaging all senses.

⭑ Le Cénacle, 46 Rue des Couteliers, 31000 Toulouse

P-yr (Two Michelin Stars)

P-yr, the sole two Michelin-starred restaurant in Toulouse, presents a playful and innovative tasting menu. The chef’s creativity shines through dishes featuring garden herbs, fresh seafood, and seasonal vegetables. 

Highlights include line-caught hake and Pyrenean trout gravlax in a tonic pesto. The contemporary, white-hued dining room, adorned with modern art, complements the exquisite culinary experience.

⭑ P-yr, 19 Dsc de la Halle aux Poissons, 31000 Toulouse

Michel Sarran (Michelin Star)

A Michelin-starred icon in Toulouse, Michel Sarran offers refined cuisine blending classic French techniques with modern influences. The spacious, luxurious dining room and expert sommelier enhance the experience. 

The restaurant’s dual dining areas – a modern ground floor with an indoor garden and a cozy, intimate upper floor – create a homey yet elegant atmosphere, reflecting the warmth and hospitality that Michel Sarran is known for.

⭑ Michel Sarran, 21 Bd Armand Duportal, 31000 Toulouse

Les Jardins de l’Opéra (Michelin Star) chef & wine celler

(Source: Les Jardins de l’Opéra)

Les Jardins de l’Opéra (Michelin Star)

Les Jardins de l’Opéra, a tranquil restaurant in Toulouse’s Capitole district, showcases Chef Stéphane Tournié’s culinary expertise. 

The restaurant, with its stylish dining room and leafy courtyard, serves masterful dishes like truffle-infused hen’s egg and pressed sweetbread with langoustine. Tournié’s experience in renowned restaurants informs his bold approach to flavors, with tableside finishes adding excitement to the dining experience.

⭑ Les Jardins de l’Opéra, 1 Pl. du Capitole, 31000 Toulouse

Hédone (Michelin Star) Chef Balthazar Gonzalez

(Source: Hedone)

Hédone (Michelin Star)

At Hédone, Chef Balthazar Gonzalez, who was named a “Young Talent” by Gault & Millau, showcases his passion for raw and instinctive cuisine, earning a Michelin star in 2020. 

The restaurant’s concept is sharp and distinctive, focusing on seafood and quality local products. With only five tables, Hédone offers an intimate dining experience where the set menu at lunch and dinner reflects Gonzalez’s creativity. Each visit promises a journey through explosive flavors and perfect food and liquid pairings, overseen by sommelier Anouk.

⭑ Hédone, 2 Imp. Saint-Félix, 31400 Toulouse

Chef Yannick Delpech

(Source: Yannick Delpech)

Acte 2 Yannick Delpech

Acte II, envisioned by Yannick Delpech of the famed l’Amphitryon, is set in a refurbished old sawmill in the Côte Pavée district. This intimate venue offers a seven or eight-course menu for up to fifteen guests. The open kitchen concept allows diners to witness Delpech’s focus on seasonal, product-centered cuisine. 

More than just a dining experience, Acte II merges culinary art with live performances like readings and music. Delpech’s aim is to create not just memorable meals, but lasting impressions of time well spent.

Acte II, 1 Rue Paneboeuf, 31400 Toulouse


In Toulouse’s vibrant Carmes district, Sept has reopened its doors under Chef Guillaume Momboisse’s unique vision. The restaurant, blending modernity with the charm of the historic quarter, offers an impressive dining experience. Before closing the original location on the Place Saint Sernin, Sept gained one Michelin star – and we anticipate the new version of Sept will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor.

Momboisse, an artisan chef, reinvents traditional fine dining with an urban flair. The intimate, cream-hued setting complements his approachable, direct service style. Signature dishes like the sea bass with green olive sorbet highlight fresh, invigorating flavors, embodying a refreshing culinary philosophy.

⭑ Le Cénacle, 46 Rue des Couteliers, 31000 Toulouse

Solides restaurnt exterior

(Source: Solides)


Opposite the bustling market, Solides offers a delightful bistro experience. The chef, Simon Carlier, was originally an engineer before converting his passion for food into a career and a top-three finish on the French cooking show MasterChef in 2012. His commitment to short supply chains shines through in every dish, accompanied by a thoughtfully curated natural wine list. 

Sat in its charming bohemian ambiance, diners can savor specialties like vol-au-vent with calf sweetbreads and regional cheeses. This restaurant is a tribute to both tradition and modernity, blending classic bistro fare with contemporary cookery techniques.

⭑ Solides, 38 Rue des Polinaires, 31000 Toulouse

Au Pois Gourmand

Au Pois Gourmand, nestled in a 19th-century colonial-style residence, offers a serene dining experience with views of the Garonne. Renowned for its gourmet cuisine, this restaurant combines rustic charm with elegant dining. 

Menu highlights include semi-cooked duck foie gras with apricots and grilled Mediterranean croaker, making every dish a celebration of both flavor and setting.

⭑ Au Pois Gourmand, 3 Rue Emile Heybrard, 31300 Toulouse

As you can see, Toulouse has no shortage of magnificent chefs. Each of these restaurants offers something special that is uniquely their own. 

From inventive dishes at Sept to the classic elegance of Au Pois Gourmand, these restaurants embody Toulouse’s fine dining scene — exceptional skill, creativity, and a passion for the finest produce the region has to offer.

If you have any questions about this blog or our Toulouse Food Tours, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

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