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A Guide to Toulouse’s Vegetarian Options

Sixta restaurant vegetarian plate

A Guide to Toulouse’s Vegetarian Options

When people think about French food, it’s not necessarily vegetarian and vegan food that comes to mind – after all, there’s delicious foie gras, coq au vin, duck confit, and one of our favorites, cassoulet. Not long ago, it was nearly impossible to find non-meat dishes, even in the larger cities.

But as France continues to lead the fight against global climate change – in fact, as of a law that passed in 2021, all school canteens must offer a vegetarian option at least once a week – we are seeing more restaurants pivot toward plant-based options. And with the delicious French gastronomy applied to this change, we are excited to see many creative and delicious takes on our non-meat options.

The great news is that Toulouse’s vegetarian scene is one of the best in all of France and it’s getting better every year. From innovative fusion at Sixta to affordable Vietnamese delights at Bep Chay, the following blog explores some of the city’s standout establishments that are redefining plant-based dining in Pink City.

If you have any questions about anything in this blog, please reach out. And while you are with us, please explore our selection of Food Tours in Toulouse – all of which can happily accommodate vegetarians!  

La Belle Verte menu

(Source: La Belle Verte)

La Belle Verte

Step into La Belle Verte and enjoy a welcoming establishment dedicated to organic ingredients, zero-waste, and purely plant-based cuisine. Many dishes also cater to the gluten-free community. The establishment offers a two-or-three-course lunch menu and a six-course dinner tasting menu (as well as a Sunday brunch), all renowned for their exceptional value. 

The inventive culinary creations here are designed to satisfy vegetarians and omnivores alike. The friendliness of the staff enhances the dining experience. The menu also features an impressive selection of natural wines from small producers. Truly, La Belle Verte is an absolute gem in Toulouse’s vegetarian scene.

⭑ La Belle Verte, 50 Rue d’Aubuisson, 31000 Toulouse

Sixta restaurant vegetarian plate

(Source: Sixta)


Sixta guarantees bagfuls of coziness and an exceptional array of brunch and lunch options. The weekly menus champion fresh, organic, and ethically sourced seasonal ingredients. The cafe’s non-alcoholic beverages are a daily surprise, catering to every palate with vegan and gluten-free options available. And their desserts are absolutely delicious!

If the rich and satisfying meals lead you into a gentle food coma, take advantage of the nap pods for a peaceful bit of respite in the heart of the city (you get a discount if you eat beforehand). Don’t miss the tapas evenings every Friday, where flavors and community come together.

⭑ Sixta, 28 Rue de Bayard, 31000 Toulouse

La Faim des Haricots

With branches in Blagnac, Toulouse, and Labège Innopole, La Faim des Haricots is a long-established favorite of Toulouse’s vegetarian dining scene. The restaurant’s inviting ambiance is perfect for indulging in their great value all-you-can-eat buffets that feature a variety of mixed salads, homemade savory pies, delectable desserts, and seasonal soups. 

Daily specials add an element of surprise, while vegans will be pleased with the restaurant’s range of thoughtful, tasty options.

⭑ La Faim des Haricots, 2bis Rue du Puits Vert, 31000 Toulouse

Notre Latte à la violette at Brule

(Source: BRÛLÉ)


Located just steps from the charming Place Saint Georges, BRÛLÉ is the brainchild of friends Edith and Anaelle who decided to bring their passion and expertise to establish a first-class veggie cafe and restaurant. The friends’ journey began in 6th grade and saw their interests flourish through advanced studies in marketing and pastry arts – this dream project is the end result of their hard work. 

The heart of BRÛLÉ is its coffee lounge, where the aroma of specialty coffee, locally roasted by Hayuco, fills the air, accompanied by a full range of signature coffee shop beverages. 

Meanwhile, the kitchen section of BRÛLÉ invites patrons to enjoy lunchtime dishes during the week, and sumptuous brunches over the weekend. Their irresistible gourmet pastries are served all week. 

BRÛLÉ also houses a grocery store, featuring a curated selection of premium vegan products. This thoughtful addition allows guests to bring a piece of the BRÛLÉ experience into their own homes.

⭑ BRÛLÉ, 12 Rue Alexandre Fourtanier (at Place Saint Georges), Toulouse, France

Bep Chay

Found in the heart of Toulouse, Bep Chay is where Vietnamese culinary traditions meet a commitment to fresh, local ingredients. This unique eatery invites diners on a gastronomic journey, offering a taste of Vietnam’s convivial and vibrant food culture.

During lunchtime (Đi Ăn), Bep Chay presents the quintessential Vietnamese urban meal: Cơm phần. This nutritious feast is known for bringing together a winning mix of bold flavors and features starter, seasonal vegetables, a hearty main course, and a soup or salad.

As the sun sets, dinner (Nhậu) at Bep Chay is all about Vietnamese street food. We recommend their Nem Chay, featuring thin, crispy rice cakes generously stuffed with an aromatic blend of black mushrooms, shiitake, vegetables, bean vermicelli, and tofu, or the Bảo Burger, where steamed Asian brioche buns encase caramelized soy protein, marinated carrot, crisp raw vegetables, coriander, and a signature homemade sauce.

We also loved finishing our meal with their Kem Xôi, a sticky rice dessert flavored with pandan leaf, served hot with coconut milk and a scoop of mango sorbet. 

⭑ Bep Chay, 22 Rue des Couteliers, Toulouse, France

Le Safran desserts assortment

(Source: Le Safran)

Le Safran

Le Safran, a culinary gem at 8 rue de la Bourse, offers an exquisite Moroccan vegetarian experience. Renowned for its flavorful couscous, tajine, and an array of Moroccan pastries, with vegan options available, the restaurant promises a feast for the senses. Following a thoughtful remodeling in March 2016, it now welcomes diners from Tuesday to Saturday, from 12:00 to 19:00, to enjoy their homemade delights. 

Post-lunch menu, Le Safran transforms into a serene tea room. Le Safran’s commitment to quality and service, coupled with its inviting decor and ambiance, makes it a must-visit for anyone eager to explore Toulouse’s Moroccan and vegetarian offerings.

⭑ Le Safran, 8 rue de la Bourse, Toulouse, France

Other Vegetarian-Friendly Dining Options in Toulouse

While the following establishments are not strictly vegetarian or vegan, they do cater to a broad palate. Each of the following restaurants in Toulouse is noteworthy for offering substantial and tasty vegetarian options –– good choices if you are trying to cater to a mixed group of vegetarian and omnivore diners.

Toulouse’s vegetarian scene is vibrant, colorful, and offers lots of choice. Whether it’s the cozy corners of La Belle Verte or the exotic Moroccan spices of Le Safran, every vegetarian or omnivore diner is going to find dishes they can’t get enough of.

And if you’d like more help with figuring out what and where to eat in Toulouse, don’t forget that we welcome vegetarians and omnivores alike on ALL of our Food Tours in Toulouse. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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