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7 Wineries to Visit Near Toulouse

Calmel & Joseph wine pouring

7 Wineries to Visit Near Toulouse

In the following blog, we’ll journey to five exceptional wineries: Chateau La Villatade, Chateau Boujac, The Chateau Luc, Calmel & Joseph, and Clos Triguedina. 

Each of these estates is found a short drive from Toulouse, making them ideal destinations for wine enthusiasts based in Toulouse. These wineries open their doors to the public, providing a fascinating opportunity to observe the passion, dedication, and tradition that goes into wine production in this region. (It’s also the perfect opportunity to sample plenty of delectable wines!)

We hope you find the following recommendations useful. If you are staying in Toulouse and are looking for wine-related events and experiences, why not consider joining Taste of Toulouse on one of our Toulouse Wine and Cheese Tastings, led by a former cheesemonger and certified French Wine Scholar?

Please note: We recommend contacting wineries before making your visit to confirm which languages are spoken and whether bookings are required – these things can vary depending on the time of year. 

Château La Villatade wine

(Source: Château La Villatade)

Château La Villatade

Steeped in a rich history dating back to Roman viticulture, Château La Villatade is a jewel nestled in the Languedoc region near the foothills of the Montagne Noire. Just a 10-minute drive north of Carcassonne, this winery, with its 17th-century Occitan house, is surrounded by 130 hectares of pristine nature, including olive groves, pine forests, and fragrant scrubland. 

The passionate owners, Richard and Sophie, transformed the vineyard to embody the principles of biodynamic and sustainable viticulture. Today, the 16-hectare vineyard, certified HVE3 for its high environmental value, produces around 50,000 bottles annually. 

The wines, known for their balance of minerality, freshness, and structure, include syrah, grenache noir, merlot, and vermentino. Visitors can indulge in wine tasting, tours, and a gourmet wine tour, all amidst a setting that exudes the scents of thyme, lavender, and the region’s natural beauty.

⭑ La Villatade, 11600 Sallèles-Cabardès, France

Château Boujac grapes cutting

(Source: Château Boujac)

Château Boujac

Château Boujac is a testament to the hard work of three generations of winegrowers, each bringing their unique vision into this cherished estate. Located near Toulouse, the winery’s story began in 1930 when Adrien discovered the charm of Campsas village and acquired an estate in Boujac. The journey continued with Albert in the 70s and has flourished under Philippe since 1988. Today, the estate spans 30 hectares of vineyards and 2 hectares of olive groves, each shaped by the family’s deep-rooted expertise and vision.

Embracing organic practices for over a decade, Chateau Boujac has committed to an environmentally conscious approach. This commitment extends to biodynamics, following three years of training and experimentation, which have visibly enhanced the vineyards. The winery is deeply connected to the Fronton wine-growing area’s history, notably for its cultivation of the négrette grape – a variety that traces its origins back to the Knights of the Order of St John of Jerusalem in the 12th century.

This unique grape, once discovered in Cyprus, now gives Fronton wines their distinctive character, with Château Boujac standing out as one of the few estates that truly harness its potential. 

Visitors to Château Boujac can explore this rich history and experience the unique terroir with a tour of the winery and vineyards, delving into a story that offers family heritage, organic innovation, and the celebration of a grape variety long associated with this region.

⭑ Chateau Boujac, 427 Chem. de Boujac, 82370 Campsas, France

Chateau de Luc wine bottles

(Source: Chateau de Luc)

The Château de Luc

Nestled in the heart of Cathare heritage, The Chateau de Luc is not just a winery but is home to the Fabre family – a major force in the winemaking culture of this region. With its extraordinary underground cellar dating back to the 14th century, the Chateau offers a unique winemaking environment, resulting in concentrated and well-balanced wines. The vineyards, positioned on the rocky terraces of the Orbieu River and the windswept foothills of Mount Alaric, feature diverse soils that impart high minerality to their wines.

Visitors can explore this rich legacy by embarking on the “Terroir Walk,” an excellent wine experience that combines a scenic hike with an educational journey through the vineyards’ climate, geology, and botany. This immersive tour, which begins with a 4×4 ride from the Chateau, leads to a panoramic viewpoint atop Mourrel de Luc, where the importance of terroir is vividly illustrated. 

Tastings of the Fabre family’s organic wines, set amidst the Mediterranean garrigue or in the historic cellar, provide a direct connection between the terroir and the aromatic profile of the wines.

⭑ Château de Luc,1 Rue du Château, 11200 Luc-Sur-Orbieu, France

Le Domaine Plaisance Penavayre

Le Domaine Plaisance Penavayre, a family-run winery spanning generations, boasts 26 hectares of vines near the town of Vacquiers in the Fronton wine region. Embracing organic farming since 2005 and biodynamic principles, the estate focuses on nurturing grape varieties naturally. 

Father and son, Marc and Thibaut, uphold the family’s longstanding traditions and vision for winemaking: valuing natural processes in the vineyard to produce pure, vibrant wine. The estate is also known for cultivating rare varieties like Negret Pounjut and Bouysselet. 

Their philosophy, “Valiant in the field, but lazy in the cellar,” highlights their commitment to minimal intervention, allowing each wine to express the terroir’s true essence.

⭑ Le Domaine Plaisance Penavayre, 102 Pl. de la Mairie, 31340 Vacquiers, France

Domaine Vayssette

Another winer rooted in history, Domaine Vayssette began in 1930 with Florentin and Andrée on a 7-hectare property. Evolving through generations, Jacques and his wife Maryse expanded the estate, introducing sweet white wines in 1982 and building the present form of the winery by 1985. Their son Patrice, alongside his wife Nathalie, a sommelier, joined in 1995, bringing a new energy to the estate. 

Specializing in Gaillac grape varieties, they produce unique wines like Gaillac blanc perlé (a refreshing white with just a hint of bubbles), Gaillac Primeur, and renowned sparkling and sweet white wines. Visitors can explore a 2.5 km trail dedicated to Gaillacois varieties and their High Environmental Value approach, along with complimentary tastings, and guided tours for groups.

⭑ Domaine Vayssette, 2738 Chem. des Crêtes, 81600 Gaillac, France

Calmel & Joseph wine pouring

(Source: Calmel & Joseph)

Calmel & Joseph

Calmel & Joseph, an estate of remarkable beauty and tranquility, is just a stone’s throw from the iconic medieval citadel of Carcassonne and the historic Canal du Midi, both UNESCO World Heritage sites. 

Founded in 1995, this estate is located in a 160-hectare valley near the Val de Dagne, Alaric Mountain, and the Hautes Corbières. Passion and a shared vision brought the founders to this viticultural paradise, where they craft, blend, and age wines that embody the Mediterranean region’s unique identity. 

Calmel & Joseph’s journey attests to their commitment to showcasing the diversity and potential of the local terroirs, fostering strong relationships with growers across the region’s appellations.

Visitors can explore this commitment firsthand through tastings in their exceptional cellars, which overlook the estate’s vineyards. 

Here, you can sample not only their wide range of wines but also other estate-produced delicacies like olive oil and garrigue honey, reflecting their dedication to environmentally friendly agriculture. The estate is also home to 1,800 olive trees of varied species and beehives nestled in the garrigue scrubland, contributing to the richness of their offerings. 

⭑ Domaine Calmel & Joseph, Chemin de la Madone, 11800 Montirat, France

Clos Triguedina winery entrance

(Source: Clos Triguedina)

Clos Triguedina

Clos Triguedina, a name synonymous with tradition and innovation in the Cahors wine region, 

has a storied history dating back to 1830 when Étienne Baldès first planted vines. Surviving challenges like phylloxera and frost, the vineyard has maintained old vines crucial for top-quality wines. 

The Baldès family, notably René and later Jean-Luc, known as “the master of malbec,” have been pivotal in shaping both the estate and the Cahors wine syndicate. Today, Jean-Luc and Sabine Baldès, alongside their daughter Juliette, continue this legacy. Their commitment extends to wine tourism, with the elegant Wine Pavilion serving as a testament to their dedication. This architectural marvel, complete with a museum and activity spaces, reflects the estate’s blend of tradition and modernity.

Clos Triguedina offers free wine tastings, showcasing a range of innovative and vintage wines. For those seeking a deeper exploration, various levels of guided tours are available, revealing the estate’s rich history and the artistry behind each bottle.

⭑ Clos Triguedina, Lieu-dit “Les poujols”, 46700 Vire-sur-Lot, France

As you can see, each of these wineries offers something unique in their approach to winemaking. From historic vineyards to modern architectural marvels, these estates expertly harmonize tradition with innovation.

If you are planning a wine trip in France, there may be nowhere better to make your basecamp than Toulouse! You can combine your vineyard exploration with our Food and Wine Tours in Toulouse for an unforgettably delicious experience. If you have any questions, please get in touch.  

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